About Me

Since I was quite young I have been working with my hands and creating anything that struck my interests at an early age. I then quickly took to metals. Between old stories of my great great grandfather and four more generations on up of smithies, and the close to obsessive use of creativity, I couldn't possibly help myself. In middle school I learned to weld and do it well, started a small BBQ business and created close to fifty high end BBQs after school. I soon became sick of fabrication and turned to my true love, the forge. I tracked down my great great grandfather's anvil and took off on my trade. In my early years of high school I seemed to have a hammer in my hand more often than a pencil or pen. I continued to learn through sweat blood and tears, then I came in contact with an old blacksmith. I quickly offered my back for any knowledge I could absorb from him. He took me in as a striker, and the way I was to learn was to watch and observe. It opened my eyes to old tricks of the trade that would have taken me fourty years to develope. I worked under him for over a year and left with new knowledge of tool making and tactics that I never thought of previously. Now with new ideas I was able to then put my hammers into the fast lane and create products I only dreamed of. Even though I look back and realize the knowledge was quite basic, it was still ground breaking for me to be put in the correct direction. I only hope to do the same to some young buck that strolls into my shop when I am a grumpy old man, hah!